chapter  9
Entropic Fatigue: In Search for Applications
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In the preceding chapters, two major concerns in analysis and simulation of a fatigue process, that is, prediction and prevention of fatigue failure, were discussed in detail. We reviewed a variety of fatigue assessment approaches such as traditional stress (strain) methods, energy methods, and also the state-of-the-art thermography technique, which has now facilitated the development of fatigue science to a great extent. We learned that an approach firmly grounded on the principle of irreversible thermodynamics can provide a useful link between entropy and fatigue in a manner that can be used in practical applications. To this end, the predictive capabilities of an entropic approach in fatigue problems with different laboratory specimen sizes, frequency, loading amplitude, and stress states were discussed. Yet a question arises as to how the entropic approach can best be applied at the design stage. In this chapter, we focus our attention on the broader application of an entropic approach to fatigue and implementation of predictive methodologies.