chapter  7
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Building a Conference Site with COD

Corporate bodies, societies, clubs often need to organize conferences and seminars especially for members and staff. The traditional way has been to mail out conference brochures and registration forms and to conclude fulfillment by phone or mail. Nowadays, conferences are getting more technical. For societies with thousands of members scattered all over the world, members are seeking to be involved in the selection of the content of their training conferences. Therefore, having a web interface which serves as a hub for the organization, arrangement, and registration for conferences is now making good sense. A well-designed conference site may add the following benefits to the implementation of a conference:

Permit participants to have a say on resources

Permit online registration and fulfillment

Socialize the participants by permitting them to be pre-acquainted before the conference begins

Save cost on correspondence between organizers and participants

COD is an acronym for Conference Organizing Distribution. This is a Drupal distribution developed specially and primarily for building and running a conference, BarCamp, or event website. The website http:// shows an outline of features provided by this software. These include tools and interfaces for organizing conference resources and for displaying them. The shopping cart feature also makes it possible for attendees to select what resources and other conference related products they wish to purchase and pay for them online.