chapter  14
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Veterinary Drugs and Feed Additives

It has been tried to separate human and animal antibiotics from each other. In the past, nitrofurane antibiotics such as furazolidone, nitrofurantoine, furaltadone, and nitrofurazone were widely used to treat salmonellosis and colibacteriosis. Since nitrofuranes metabolize quickly in animals, they are screened as metabolites such as 3-amino-2-oxalodinone (AOZ) in the case of furazolidone. By now, it has been established that nitrofuranes are carcinogenic and their use has been banned in the EU. EU drug residue monitoring programs prescribe the analysis of nitrofuranes as well as sulfonamides, penicillins, tetracyclins, uoroquinolons, macrolides, and other antibiotics in the raw food material of animal origin. First, random samples of meat, milk, eggs, and so forth are analyzed by the microbiological agar-diusion method; thereaer, the samples that prove to be positive are subjected to a chromatographic analysis to con rm and quantify the particular antibiotic. A part of the samples are immediately analyzed by chromatography to establish the content of a particular type of antibiotics.