chapter  Chapter 14
Combined Effect of Signal Strength and Traffic Type on WLAN Performance
WithNurul Sarkar
Pages 25

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This chapter discusses the impact of received signal strength (RSS) values on video traffic over Wireless local area networks (WLAN). It shows that the combined effect of signal strength and traffic type on WLAN performance. The chapter provides a simulation model of voice over IP (VoIP) traffic using OPNET Modeler. It suggests that the impact of increasing the number of VoIP clients on packet delay and jitter. The chapter also discusses the impact of increasing the number of video clients on delay and throughput. It argues that simulation results using appropriate methods. A network was set up to study the impact of different RSS values of audio and video streaming on the performance of a typical 802.11 WLAN. The ad hoc network introduces slightly higher audio and video playback delays than the infrastructure network with and without contention at RSS greater than –82 dBm, irrespective of bit rate.