chapter  16
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Human Intestinal Microbiome: Etiology of Inammation Genomics

The human genome project, completed in 2003, launched the “omics” era with the identication of more than 30,000 genes in the human chromosomal DNA. The subsequent development of analytical molecular tools assisted our understanding of the genetic-health dynamics and can contribute to disease reduction through molecular nutrition. Four of these molecular “omics” tools are genomics, transciptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Metabolomics identies groups of metabolic variables unique to an individual’s genetic prole characterized in bodily uids and provides valuable diagnostic predictors of health and disease. An integrated “omics” approach is one driver leading to our comprehension of the health and disease interplay in which the human microbiome may be central to future strategies for pharmacological developments and nutritional interventions (Kussman and Blum 2007).