chapter  21
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New Whole Foods Designed to Deliver Bioactive Components

In the future, more individuals based on their genomic prole will be instructed to consume or avoid different foods. As such, the food industry must be prepared to provide for these consumer demands. Consumers have access to a variety of both fresh and processed foods. While fresh foods should constitute the majority of our diet, the reality is that for most Americans, it is processed foods that predominate. It should be understood that the category of “processed foods” refers to both “simple” and “complex” processed foods. The food industry refers to simple processed foods as those foods that have been processed specically for microbiological and product quality stability. This process provides a greater distribution and variety of safe and convenient basic foods inclusive of dairy, juices, ours, sweeteners, canned fruits, and vegetables. These products have simple ingredient declarations and usually include only those ingredients necessary for the preservation or processing of the basic food product itself. Complex processed food products include those consumer products that have been formulated with many ingredients, such as breakfast cereals, breads, granola bars, baking mixes, and confectionary.