chapter  4
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Dietary Protein Efƒcacy: Dose and Peri-Exercise Timing

Interpretation of data involving the optimal dosage and timing of protein can be complex due to the multitude of variables that can be altered. Subject selection is an important yet often overlooked aspect when interpreting available data. Age, gender, feeding state, and training status are just some of the critical variables to be taken into consideration. Resistance training alone is a multifarious activity allowing for modiƒcations in rest periods, sets, reps, exercises, volume, and so forth. In addition to this already lengthy list, further alterations in study design can be applied to the supplementation regimen such as timing, type, and quantity of protein and amino acids as well as the addition of further substances such as carbohydrates, creatine, and leucine. The numerous combinations available regarding the previously mentioned variables all affect the ability to provide a ƒnal recommendation for optimal incorporation of a protein timing and dosing strategy.