chapter  14
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Research and Prospective of Next Generation Biofuels in India

Development of an alternative and renewable energy is today as relevant and acute, and probably more, to India as to any other country in the world. Intense research and development activity in this area is witnessed in many parts of the world, notably the developed countries. Mounting pressure on developing economies to cut down their greenhouse gas emissions and —nd renewable energy sources for their needs instead of depending on imports arises more from the dual need of energy security and cleaner fuels than mere global policies. It can be expected that energy demand in India will rank among the top 3 in the world by the year 2030. It is important that at this time in our history it is realized by both developed and developing economies that the problems faced in this energy crisis must be shared responsibility of all nations of the planet and that joint efforts should be made to solve local as well as global energy problems.