chapter  4
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Valorization of Bio-Glycerol

Conversion to epichlorohydrin (estimated consumption: 100,000 ton per year) at France’s Tavaux site of Solvay; hydrogenation (hydrogenolysis) to 1,2 propylene glycol (estimated use: 1000 ton) in the United States by Senergy Chemical; bio-glycerol direct employment in new concrete additives (estimated use: 1000 ton) by Grace; and methanol production in the Netherlands by the consortium Biomethanol1 with a production capacity of 250 million liters are the —rst large-scale chemical applications using bio-glycerol-glycerol stemming from biodiesel manufacturing-as raw material. At least two new major conversions are currently being scaled up: acrolein production in France by Arkema,2 and glycerol tertiary butyl ether as fuel oxygenate additive in Spain by Repsol.3