chapter  5
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- Computing the Lifting Index (LI) for Evaluating Single Tasks: Procedures and Examples

An initial quick evaluation can be performed without employing computations and formulas, by simply examining whether certain basic assumptions and requirements are met in two different areas:

1. Critical conditions: • The existence of critical conditions relating to the work environment or

load characteristics (Figure 5.1) • The existence of critical conditions relating to the layout of the work-

station and the existence of loads heavier than recommended weight limits: critical code (Figure 5.2)

2. Acceptable conditions: • Compliance with recommended weight limits in relation to lifting fre-

quency and lifting postures: green code (Figure 5.3)

Having applied the procedure, if all the acceptability criteria are met and there are no critical codes, the condition is de›ned as acceptable and no further evaluations are required. Otherwise, a more detailed evaluation is required using the equations provided.