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Computer and digital design tools

ABSTRACT: With the new generations of architects who are used to work with computers and computer software on a daily basis, and who therefore do not feel limited in their work by the digital media, it is relevant to look at the programmes for digital form finding available today, and also to look at what might be around the corner, as the market for digital design tools will grow with the demand. Two of the main features of computers and computer software are first of all the ability to describe complex geometry, which can be difficult by two dimensional CAD alone, and secondly to perform huge amounts of numeric calculations, which can describe the particular physical properties of a given virtual or actual building, room or construction member. Development within digital architectural tools has over the last few years made it possible to design buildings which would have seemed impossible only a decade ago. Architects and master builders have always used the development within technology to change the architectural expression, and significant buildings have often been examples of the technological abilities within a society. Some architects even talk about a development which will radically change our perception of architecture, as emerging digital technologies are becoming a part of the architecture and the design processes.