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The history of the relationship between architects and structural engineers

ABSTRACT: In understanding of aesthetic concept, there has been a long debate between architect and structural engineer, because of different assignments and education backgrounds. The participation of the public make this gap became much deeper. In the eyes of the public, the art of structures were dominated by the architects while structural engineers has been regard as the one who provide assistance, even the infrastructure, stadium or bridge. Since the rise of the modern bridge engineering, however, great aesthetic value of structure has been cited by many structural artists. Although the mission to build new structures in 21st century is similar for architects and engineers, two professions have been separated for centuries. In eye of the public, it is also confused by the question, what is architectural art (AA) and what is structural art (SA)? Based on the reviewing of aesthetic value displayed in bridge and building, the similarities and differences between AA and SA have been clarified in this paper.