chapter  6
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A case study of mud weight design with finite element method for subsalt wells

Xinpu Shen, Arturo Diaz & Timothy Sheehy

During the last decade, a significant effort has been made to explore and develop large oil and gas reservoirs associated with salt structures (Dusseault et al., 2004). Examples of the most active areas of subsalt drilling include the following:

• Jurassic salt emplaced during tertiary (Gulf of Mexico). • Late Pennsylvanian to Early Triassic anticlines (Paradox basin). • Mid US continent Devonian Age (Williston basin). • Zechstien-age salt emplaced in the Cretaceous (North Sea). • Zagros salt plugs (Iran). • Brazilian and West Africa offshore basins. • Kashagan and Tengiz oilfields in the Caspian basin in Kazakhstan.