chapter  2
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Dynamic analysis, vibration analysis, vibration control

Research in structural dynamics with real world applications has received considerable attention in recent times. This has happened due to two reasons. On the one hand research was needed to address the issues pertaining to (i) vibration problems in slender structures which have emerged as a consequence of new materials technology and aesthetic requirements, (ii) increased vulnerability of structures to random and unpredictable loads such as seismic, impact and blast loads and (iii) safety concerns of aging infrastructure. On the other hand the research has been made feasible by the availability of enhanced instrumentation and sophisticated computer simulation techniques. Motivated by the need to address some of these issues and the knowledge gaps therein, a number of research projects have been undertaken at the Queensland University of Technology using computer simulation techniques supported by experimental testing. The research focused on three areas: (i) disaster mitigation of structures under impact, blast and seismic loads, (ii) vibration in slender structures and (iii) structural health monitoring of bridge and building structures.