chapter  10
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- Thermal Processing of Fishery Products

Heating is the treatment mostly applied in ƒsh canning industry and is also used in a wide variety of processes such as cooking, pasteurization, and sterilization of marine products. Each type of process has speciƒc objectives and provokes different chemical and sensorial changes. Sterilization of canned ƒsh is aimed to avoid the bacteriological and microbiological contamination, but the chemical effects affecting color and žavor can also be signiƒcant. Industrial treatments usually employed in foodstuffs can mainly modify proteins and lipids and induce interactions among components. Marine lipids with high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are very prone to suffer modiƒcations by heat. The degree, rate, and nature of these reactions depend on the type of product, quality of raw material, and the thermal processing employed.