chapter  13
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- Thermal Processing of Canned Foods

Thermal processing of canned foods can be divided into two major process methods, in-container sterilization and in-žow sterilization. The in-žow process refers to aseptic processing and aseptic packaging, which are covered in the previous chapter. The in-container process generally refers to the canning process, in which the prepared food is ƒlled into a package before sealing and sterilization. The food could be packaged in the metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, retortable pouches, retortable cartons, rigid and semirigid plastic containers, etc. Although the canning process started from Nicholas Appert’s time in 1810 [1], food processing via canning process still provides a universal and economic method for preserving and processing foods. It is one of the most convenient and safe food products in today’s life.