chapter  13
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- The General Approach to Greenhouse Gas and Energy Analyses

Once the need has been established and resources have been allocated to measure and minimize GHG emissions and energy usage, a carbon footprint analysis can be conducted. The carbon footprint analysis is one of the most important steps of the GHG and energy minimization process because the data generated provide the team and management with a much greater understanding of the amounts of GHG emitted and energy used by the organization. These data can be invaluable in the design and implementation of a reduction program. Before “rushing in” to conduct an assessment, proper planning should be done to ensure that the scope, goal, and timeline of the project ’ts into the strategic plan of the organization. This chapter provides the systems approach framework to ensure that these goals are met using the ’ve-step Six Sigma DMAIC process discussed earlier in Chapter 10. This process is summarized here as a reference:

• De’ne: Establish the project team, determine the goal, and allocate the necessary resources.