chapter  16
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- Energy Analysis and Minimization in Manufacturing

A study was performed to determine alternatives that would reduce energy and save money for a compressor manufacturer in Northwest Ohio in 2011. This project was performed by the Waste Analyses and Minimization Research Project, which is a unique partnership between the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District, the University of Toledo’s College of Engineering, and local business and industry. As a program of the county and the university, the ’rst and foremost goal of the project is to provide a valuable service to the community. The expertise of the university’s faculty, staff, and students is used to identify cost savings for local businesses through energy reduction, waste minimization, and process ef’ciency solutions. All assessments are performed by University of Toledo graduate and undergraduate students majoring in engineering. The assessments are overseen by a faculty member. Typically, the assessment consists of:

• An analysis of the company’s process and overall energy/solid waste generation

• Recommendations designed to help maximize process ef’ciency and reduce energy/solid waste disposal costs

• Detailed reference list of vendors that complement the recommendations

All waste and energy assessments are provided on a con’dential basis and are free of charge to businesses residing within Lucas County.