chapter  2
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Benets of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Minimization

The purpose of a project, plan, or initiative (energy and GHG emission minimization or otherwise) is to achieve measurable results that can be sustained and tied in to the original goal. These results or bene’ts are often critical in determining the feasibility or acceptance of a project proposal. These bene’ts are also the key selling points used when promoting GHG and energy minimization to stakeholders and decision makers. The bene’ts of GHG minimization and energy reduction can be separated into four areas:

• Environmental • Economic • Corporate image • Personal and social

Ideally, an organization would like to create a situation where multiple bene’ts can be realized from a single project. This synergistic approach allows for the creation of win-win situations when applied appropriately using the system approach discussed in this book. Speci’cally, the company will realize cost bene’ts, the public image will be enhanced, the environment will be protected, and the stakeholders of the organization (including employees) often gain a sense of well-being and harmony with the environment and the feeling that the organization is protecting the greater good for society. This chapter discusses in greater detail these bene’ts and includes examples that may be used to promote GHG minimization and energy reduction to decision makers.