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A native of New Haven, Connecticut, Henry Daggett Bulkley was born on April 4, 1804. He was educated at Yale, received his M.D. from that institution in 1830, and spent the following year in France, where his studies included a short but important stint at l'Hopital St. Louis, attending the lectures of Biett and Gibert. He opened an office in New York City and for a few years was interested in dermatology, but as time passed he moved more and more into general medicine. He became one of Gotham's most sought-after diagnosticians. He edited the New York Medical Times, served as president of the N.Y. Academy of Medicine, and involved himself in a host of other non-dermatologic organizational and educational activities which occupied him fully until his death (from pneumonia) on January 4, 1872, at the age of 68.