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Beutner EH, Jordon RE. Demonstration of skin antibodies in sera of pemphigus vulgaris patients by indirect immunotlourescent staining. Proc Soc Exp Bioi Med 1964;117:505-10.

"This report," the authors stated, "sets forth our initial observations on the immunofluorescent demonstrations of antibodies to an intercellular substance of stratified squamous epithelium in the sera of some patients diagnosed as having pemphigus vulgaris and on the apparent in vivo reactions of these antibodies with the patient's own skin." The impact was immediate; this publication and subsequent ones by the same authors locating "basement zone" antibodies in bullous pemphigoid soon took their place among the most cited dermatological reports ever. They ignited an explosion in research on the bullous diseases that resulted in a short period of time in more insights into the pathogenesis of these entities than had been accumulated in all the years that had gone before.