chapter  13
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Production that is out of specification or that does not fully meet the requirements of the customer can happen at any time. In a large number of cases there is normally more than one cause. The most obvious cause should be checked first. For example, the material is too soft:

1. Check scales 2. Check if the correct curative and prepolymer were used

A record should be kept of all products dispatched. The grade and system used in its manufacture as well as mold and any other relevant references should be recorded. Flops are picked up at one of two points:

◾ Early detection − In processing shop − On receipt by customer

◾ Premature end of product’s life (see Section 13.7)

The following points should be eliminated or corrected early in the checking process:

◾ Were the correct raw materials used? − Prepolymer − Curative − Extender − Pigments

◾ Are the scales and dispensing equipment working correctly?