chapter  13
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Waste Management, Utilization, and Challenges

Surimi processing, which includes several unit operations, can be divided into two major stages (Figure 13.1). The rst stage includes heading, gutting, deboning, and mincing, which prepares the sh mince for the washing and rening operations of the second stage. Streams of water are injected into the heading, gutting, and deboning machines during the rst stage to remove sh uid and the muscle meat that adheres to the machines. The injected water also provides lubrication in order to promote smooth operation. A large portion of water is often used for transporting skins, viscera, and backbones from lleting and deboning machines to a scrap delivering system. For this purpose, using fresh water is not necessary. Using recycled water for transporting scraps can largely reduce the overall fresh water consumption. In addition, sh are comminuted during the rst stage into mince, 3-4 mm in diameter, which is then pumped to unit operations for washing and rening.