chapter  8
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For many companies, supply chain and environmental costs surpass all other direct costs. Issues include packaging, shipping, service, environment, government regulations, customer rules. warehouses, local agents, partners, repair centers and global considerations. Product design must minimize these support costs while fully preserving the integrity and innovation of the product and having a minimum negative impact on the environment. Logistics or supply chain planning must be flexible since shipping, environmental and government parameters are constantly changing

• Supply Chain, Logistics And Environmental Trade-off Analysis • Design For Logistics and Supply Chain • Design For Service and Maintenance • Design For Disassembly (DFD) • Packaging Design • Design For The Environment (DFE) • ISO 14000

DESIGNFORD~ASSEMBLY One new supply chain and environmental trend in product development

is called design for disassembly (DFD). As described by Bylinsky in Fortune Magazine ( 1995), the goal of DFD is to conceive, develop, and build a product with a long term view of how its components can be effectively and efficiently repaired, refurbished, reused or disposed of safely in an environmentally friendly manner at the end of the product's life.