chapter  9
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Product Support

The goal of the product support phase is to make sure the product does indeed meet the expectations of the immediate customer and solve problems that can happen during the handoff and original equipment manufacturer’s or customer’s early production start. Support is often required during the transition from a development project to a steady state manufacturing activity. This is a transition from project activities to operational activities. This support starts at the supplier’s manufacturing line and is often performed with product development staff. Often the product being supplied to the customer is a subsystem of a larger system. In these instances the customer may require some support, which takes the form of technical resources periodically available at the customer’s facility. Even if technical support is not required by the customer, it is beneficial for the supplier to review the customer’s handling of the product at the customer facilities. If off-site support is not required, many organizations build in product support from the development team as part of the launch process. This can be an arbitrarily assigned time such as 45 to 90 days after production start.