chapter  8
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Selecting Suitable Projects

WithJohann Rost

Certain types of projects can be transferred offshore more easily than others can. For this reason, the selection of suitable projects is a crucial success factor for an offshore scenario. The category of projects that can be outsourced advantageously includes short projects and routine-work-based projects. In projects that require very specific know-how, outsourcing can lead to considerable advantages. It is generally easier to outsource entire projects than parts. Highly iterative processes such as “eXtreme Programming” require specific business architectures to be accessible for offshore outsourcing. More obstacles have been reported within projects that fall into one of these categories:

• Projects with high risks of consequential damages in case of failure

• Projects that include confidential intellectual property or technologies that are covered by export restrictions — e.g., military projects

• Innovative products that require much interaction between the software team and domain experts or management

• Projects that require a high degree of security