chapter  3
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Japanese Vegetable Juice, Aojiru, and Cellular Immune Response for Health Promotion

In Japan the life style-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipemia, and hypertension have increased in recent years. Among these diseases the first cause of death is cancer. About 50 years ago most Japanese men and women died from stomach cancer. However, as shown in Figure 3.1 the rate of death from stomach cancer dramatically decreased and the rates of death from lung and colon cancers steadily increase every year in both men and women

For lung cancer, it has been suggested that smoking is one of the risk factors

and the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes a world without smoking as the goal of 21st century. The Ministry of Welfare in Japan has also stated that smoking is injurious to health. On the other hand, the increase in colon cancer appears to be related to the change of food style in Japan. Immediately after World War II, the Japanese lived on rice and took the most energy from carbohydrate and sodium chloride (NaCl). This food style was closely associated with the increased incidence of stomach cancer.