chapter  Chapter 10
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A Case Study: The Journey of Systems, Inc. to CMMI Level 5

WithRon S. Kenett, Emanuel R. Baker

Throughout this book we have discussed techniques and strategies that help organizations improve their processes, plan for process improvement, and measure their ability to improve their processes and attain their business goals and objectives. These techniques are not disparate, uncorrelated methodologies, but are, in fact, an integrated system of techniques that, when organized together, allow organizations to achieve all these objectives in a rational, coordinated manner. In this final chapter we demonstrate how these techniques tie together. We do this by presenting a case study that utilizes all these techniques in an organized, coordinated, and structured manner. The case study is composed of examples from clients from different industries and different for whom we have consulted. We have adapted the examples to protect anonymity and not reveal proprietary information. The company we visit is called “Systems, Inc.” This chapter presents that company’s journey to CMMI Level 5.