chapter  Chapter 9
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Systems Development Management Dashboards and Decision Making

WithRon S. Kenett, Emanuel R. Baker

In Chapter 8 we discussed establishing a measurement program and the scope of the measurements included in such a program. As part of that discussion, we talked about reporting the results of the measurement and analysis effort, and the necessity for disseminating that information to the relevant stakeholders. In this chapter we discuss an approach for disseminating that information in a handy, easy-to-view format: the Systems Development Management Dashboard. We discuss the approach and how a tool for it can be obtained. * As discussed in Chapter 1, metrics are used to provide answers to questions that help us make decisions. This chapter discusses project-level and organizational-level measures, and provides 332an introduction to decision-making models. We also review the impact of “Black Swans”—that is, rare events with significant consequences—that modern managers need to know how to identify and address. In that context we present the Taleb Quadrants [9], and a basic review of mathematical and statistical decision theory.