chapter  Chapter 2
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Customers, Consumers, and Consumerism

WithGordon W. Fuller

Customers use products in the preparation of other food products. Food manufacturers make ingredients that another company or an individual uses in the manufacture of products that are sold to other customers down the line or fed to consumers. Despite the distinction made between the customer and the consumer, the hybrid, the customer/consumer, someone who buys and eats, inevitably arises. The profound changes in the political, technical, and scientific arenas in their turn have caused changes particularly in food arena. The darker side of consumerism is a militancy that sees an anti-trust attitude building toward activities in the food microcosm from “meddling unnaturally with food” to misrepresentation, to false claims, to adulteration, to cruelty to animals. The term customer will be used to describe the purchaser of food, i.e., the purchaser of an ingredient, of raw produce or of primal cuts of meats, as well as of partially finished product or of a finished product.