chapter  Chapter 4
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The Selling Fields: The Marketing Arenas

WithGordon W. Fuller

The term “selling” will be used in a much broader context than conveyed by the term “retailing.” Both selling and retailing are intrinsic parts of marketing. Marketing and selling complement one another like a mortise and tenon joint. Selling is integrated closely with marketing in order to fulfill its tactical mandate and with manufacturing to carry out its logistical functions. Selling normally occurs in some place casually referred to as a marketplace. This marketplace is the target of promotional materials and other attention-getting activities designed by marketing people with feedback from vendors and from the sales department who, as the tactical group, are interpreting the strategies of the marketing department. Selling, or retailing, takes place, in several different “marketplaces.” Each involves different selling techniques; each involves vastly different customers who must be communicated with and whose needs must be ascertained. The traditional arenas for marketing and selling food products and food processing equipment will be complemented by this new arrival.