chapter  Chapter 8
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Legislative Dilemmas in the New Millennium

WithGordon W. Fuller

Legislators always face unpleasant and disagreeable alternatives as they attempt to promulgate sensible laws that regulate food and its commerce from field and sea to customers. The political, social, nutritional, and historical importance of food throughout the new millennium must be factored into any deliberations affecting food legislation and its attendant regulations. To understand the dilemma and suggest avenues of resolution one must first examine the policy making and legislative processes as these exist commonly in many countries. Legislation and regulations stemming from the legislation bear the imprint of the lobbyists and groups. From the premise that all science is logical and objective, governments hope to receive a rational, scientific basis for any legislation that treats technical issues concerning food. The food microcosm of any nation is the heavily legislated or very close to being the most heavily legislated segment of industry.