chapter  Chapter 9
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So Now What? The Issues, The Problems, Maybe Some Solutions

WithGordon W. Fuller

This chapter presents the issues more directly and addresses questions which are facing all members of the food production chain from primary producers to consumers. It provides awareness of the needs and issues and by asking questions perhaps some illumination and clarification. Both scientists and customers/consumers (the public) must trust, accept and, if not accept, and then respect the verities each contributes to resolving contentious food-related issues. Resolution of the issues is difficult to crystallize when there is such a complex interweaving of influences affecting them. Pricing policies are political issues beset with vested interest groups which provide political pressures and constraints. Many problems require the efforts of governments to develop inter- and intra-national policies of cooperative programs for pollution controls, land reform, agricultural pricing policies, and social reforms. Genetic modification of plants offers many promises of answering some of the problems respecting world food and pollution.