chapter  9
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Materials for MEMS and Nanotechnology-Based Sensors and Devices

It is important to point out that the PBG fiber is guided by a PBG, analogous to the electronic bandgap (EBG), in semiconductor materials. As stated earlier, the PCF is created by fabrication of periodic variations in the refractive index of the material. In the case of military and space applications, the core of the PBG fiber [2] has demonstrated high mechanical integrity, enhanced reliability under harsh mechanical and thermal environments, low dispersion, and improved optical stability. Furthermore, the PBG optical fibers fabricated with high tensile strength, improved fatigue resistance, high stiffness capability, and excellent thermal shock resistance are

best suited for optical systems operating under harsh thermal and mechanical conditions. Their performance capabilities are superior to glass-based core materials, summarized in Table 9.2 [3].