chapter  46
28 Pages

Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation

This chapter provides information about a revised equation developed by the National Institute for

Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for assessing the physical demands of certain two-handed

manual lifting tasks, which was described by Waters et al. (1993). The chapter contains sections describ-

ing what factors need to be measured, how they should be measured, what procedures should be used,

and how the results can be used to ergonomically design new jobs or make decisions about redesigning

existing jobs that may be hazardous. The chapter defines all pertinent terms and presents the mathematical

formulae and procedures needed to properly apply the NIOSH lifting equation. Several example problems

are also provided to demonstrate how the equations should be used. An expanded, more detailed

version of this chapter is contained in a NIOSH report entitled Applications Manual for the Revised

NIOSH Lifting Equation (Waters et al., 1994).