chapter  49
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Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor

Low back disorders (LBDs) are among the most commonly reported injuries. Reisbord and Greenland

(1985) found that 18% of adults over age 25 annually report having frequent back pain. In occupational

settings, Andersson (1997) reported that LBDs affect an estimated 80% of the population during their

working career, and The National Center for Health Statistics (1977) has documented that LBDs are

the prime reason for activity limitation in those 45 yr of age or younger. Guo et al. (1999) estimated

that back pain accounts for 149 million lost workdays in the U.S. annually; 68% of these are associated

specifically with work-related back pain. Cats-Baril (1996) has shown that LBDs cost society up to 100

billion dollars annually. Despite the prevalence and cost of these injuries, there are relatively few accurate

methods available to predict the risk of occupationally related LBDs.