chapter  2
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Marketing Opportunities

WithSarfaraz K. Niazi

The therapeutic protein market grew by 20% between 2002 and 2003, faster than the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and is forecast to achieve sales of over $60 billion by 2010 with key market growth in the following order: erythropoietins, insulins, monoclonal antibodies (cancer), interferon alfa, blood clotting factor, colony stimulating factors, interferon beta, monoclonal (others), growth hormone, therapeutic vaccine, plasminogen activator, growth factor, interleukin, and so forth. Detailed information on each of the categories with market segmentation is available from Datamonitor; market statistics are available free from several investment bankers, particularly, ABN Amro, PriceWaterhouse, and so forth. This growth has been led by the continued expansion of the erythropoietin and insulin classes, which accounted for 26% and 15% of the total market, respectively. Monoclonal antibodies represent a newer, emerging class of therapeutic proteins.