chapter  12
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Reticulocalbin Family of EF-Hand Proteins

There are two species of calcium binding proteins that are associated with the endoplasmic reticulum. One of them is a non-EF-hand protein, calreticulin. A family of EF-hand proteins, with variable number of EF-hand domains, has been identified over the past few years (Table 9). Among them are reticulocalbin, calumenin, ERC55 and ERC-fc, and Cab-45, and these may be described as belonging to the reticulocalbin family of CBPs. These proteins are expressed ubiquitously in a variety of tissues. Human calumenin occurs at high levels in the heart, placenta, and skeletal muscle, and at lower levels in the lung, kidney, and pancreas. Its levels are very low in the brain and liver (Vorum

et al.