chapter  chapter 4
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The Rework Cycle

WithPaul B. Adamsen

The Rework Cycle is a key concept that must be considered in developing an accurate representation of the processes involved in engineering and managing complex system development programs. The quality of the work performed is a key factor that drives the amount of rework in any given System Development activity. In order to illustrate the impact of various parameters on the success of a system development program, a simplified System Dynamics model will be employed. The main point is that improving the quality of work performed must be a priority if a program is to be run at minimal risk. Specific activities must be included in the system development framework that are aimed at exposing undiscovered rework in order to mitigate its potentially adverse effects. Rework can induce technical risk to the program because the results of the corrected work could involve changing technical parameters that invalidate certain aspects of the design.