chapter  9
42 Pages

Development of Welding and Surfacing Technologies with Allowance for Surface Phenomena

WithGerman Deyev, Dmitriy Deyev

As evidenced by the above data, surface properties of welding consumables used for the fabrication of a welded structure and surface phenomena occurring at interfaces between the contacting phases play an important role in the processes of fusion welding. Transfer of electrode and filler metals, formation of a weld and deposited bead, shape and size of the penetration zone, and formation of different types of defects (undercuts, burns-through, lack-of-penetration, craters, lack-of-fusion, nonmetallic inclusions, pores, solidification cracks) depend on them and should be taken into account in the development of welding and surfacing technologies. This chapter describes the development of some welding and surfacing technologies with an account for the surface phenomena by an example of specific parts and some welding and surfacing methods, as well as conditions, under which these processes occur.