chapter  16
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Most previous studies have used air as the atomizing uid in air-assist or air-blast

sprays [1{5]. Our current level of understanding is only based on atomization

using air as the uid. Previous studies have also shown that physical and chemi-

cal properties of the gas have a signicant in uence on atomization quality [1, 2].

The atomization gases examined were argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and air.

These gases were used to study the eect of gas density and heat capacity on

the atomization quality. The eect was examined by maintaining the mass or

momentum ux of atomization gas xed to the fuel nozzle. The results showed

that maintaining a constant-momentum ux with the dierent gases yields the

same size distribution. Enrichment of atomization air with oxygen was also

found to have a signicant eect on the ame dynamics and ame radiation

characteristics [3].