chapter  6
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The interaction between uid dynamics and chemical reaction during the com-

bustion process determines its eÆciency and stability [1, 2]. In reacting jets, the

mixing between the reactants participating in the combustion is a crucial part

of the process [3]. The mixing occurs in two stages; the initial stage of bringing

relatively large amounts of the reactants together (large-scale mixing) is domi-

nated by vortex dynamics, and the second in which molecular contact between

the reactants is promoted by small-scale turbulent mixing [4]. The large-scale

mixing is associated with the entrainment process through vortex dynamics [5{

7]. The small-scale mixing is related to other ow instabilities, energy transfer

between scales, and the interaction between vortices [5, 8{10]. Minimizing loca-

tions of unmixedness is important to enhance the reaction process and reduce

soot formation due to localized high fuel-to-air ratios.