chapter  1
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The art of ventriloquism involves a process of human multisensory integration and fusion [2]. The visual information comes from the dummy’s lips, which are moved and operated by the ventriloquist, and the auditory information comes from the ventriloquist herself. Although her mouth is closed, she transmits the auditory signal. This dual information is fused by the viewer and he or she feels as if the dummy is speaking, which particularly amuses the children. If the angle between the dummy’s lips and the ventriloquist’s face is more than 30°, then the coordination is very weak [2]. A rattlesnake is responsive to both visual and infrared (IR) information being represented on the surface of the optic tectum in a similar

spatial orientation [2]. Visual information about the existence of prey, for example, a rat, is received by the snake’s eyes and its IR information is received by the pit organ, from the prey. This information is fused in the snake’s brain, and the snake then recognizes the presence of the prey.