chapter  8
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Hypersonic Flow Past Thin Sharp Bodies

This chapter is devoted to the studyof thehypersonic flowpast thin sharpbodies (the case of thin, slightly blunted bodies will be considered in the next chapter). As the linear theory for the supersonic flow past thin bodies of Chapter 2, the theory presented here is asymptotic and becomes rigorous only for limitingly thin bodies and limitingly high Mach numbers. However, this theory deals with nonlinear equations, which generates new effects of both a qualitative and quantitative nature. Moreover, many general rules revealed within the framework of this essentially hypersonic theory can be extended, at least, qualitatively, to moderately supersonic Mach numbers. The nonlinear hypersonic theory of the flow past thin sharp bodies has a long history, its foun-

dation having been laid in the works of Tsien (1946), Falkovich (1947), Ilyushin (1948), and Hayes (1948). The systematic presentation of the theory was given in the books of Chernyi (1966), Hayes and Probstein (1966), and Lunev (1975).