chapter  2
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Inviscid Gas Dynamics: General Issues and Simple Solutions

In this chapter the general concepts and theorems of conventional inviscid gas dynamics are outlined for the case of a two-parameter gas. Basic properties of subsonic, transonic, and supersonic gas flows (as well as fundamental distinctions of the equations describing these types of flows) are illustrated with reference to typical problems regarding an analytical treatment. These are steady one-dimensional flows, flows past slender bodies (within the framework of the linear theory), and certain exact solutions of incompressible hydrodynamics. Incidentally, these problems are of their own value from the theoretical point of view and can be important in engineering. A more detailed presentation of the issues discussed in this chapter, can be found in the

books of Liepmann and Roshko (1957), vonMises (1958), Chernyi (1987), as well as in those cited in the introduction to Chapter 1.