chapter  7
Groundwater Quality Treatment and Waste Disposal
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The major sources of groundwater quality problems in the United States (USEPA, 1996) and the European Union (EEA, 1999; indicated by*) include:

Underground storage tanks• Pesticide applications*• Septic tanks• Fertilizer applications*• Landfi lls*• Surface impoundments• Aboveground storage tanks• Land application• Animal feedlots• Shallow injection wells• Mining and mine drainage• Road salting• Urban runoff• Transportation of materials• Pipelines and sewer lines• Saltwater intrusion*• Waste tailings• Irrigation practices*• Deep injection wells•

Contaminants emanating from this range of sources may include: petroleum compounds, nitrate, chloride, metals, organic chemicals and pesticides, inorganic chemicals and pesticides, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, radionuclides.