Case Study 1: Production Well Costs and Benefits
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Case Study 1: Production Well Costs and Benefi ts Fundamental to establishing costs and benefi ts for groundwater production is to determine the costs of installing and operating a well or wellfi eld. Typically, these data are not routinely published in the literature because of the site-specifi c nature of these fi gures and the competitive environment of the well installation industry. Even when documented, the information is often not comprehensive for a complete economic evaluation. However, several country-specifi c case studies are presented in Custodio and Gurguí (1989) representing costs for years (approximate) 1986-1987 for the countries of Spain, Mexico, Honduras, and Thailand. Two of these (Spain and Honduras) are summarized here to provide a perspective on accumulating and evaluating costs of wells and their production. All costs are expressed in $US1987.