Case Study 11: Balancing Ecosystem, Water Use, and Pricing
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In 2002 and 2003, the San Antonio Water System had to acquire an additional 3500 acre-feet of water per year through contracts and also involved well installation, pumping, treatment, storage, and distribution of this water from the Trinity Aquifer, adjacent to the Edwards Aquifer, at a commodity cost of approximately $0.355/m3 (contracted as $425/1233.481 m3) per year. In 2004, SAWS also implemented an aquifer storage and recovery facility at a cost of $255 million, which included 29 injection and recovery wells, capacity for 61,674,450 m3 of excess Edwards Aquifer water, 113,562 m3/day treatment capacity, and 64.4 km of pipeline. An average residential water rate (excluding wastewater treatment charges) in San Antonio is $0.90/m3 (in the United States the average cost in 2008 was $0.74/m3; in Germany, $2.36/m3 in 2007*).