chapter  2
3Chapter Groundwater in the Economy
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Water affects every aspect of the economy. Obviously, it is essential for life and we could not live without it. We require water for food production. Water is used in manufacturing processes as a raw material and as a medium for removing wastes. It also infl uences places where development occurs. If water is not easily available, people may not live in that particular location and industries will not be established there. However, what about groundwater, in particular? A foremost consideration is that, in economic terms, groundwater currently produced at a site is likely to be considered the most economical source of water supply-being available in suffi cient quantity and quality for a signifi - cant period of time at a location convenient for its intended or primary use at the least cost, when compared with other options for water supply and use. Groundwater has infl uenced the development of cultures and communities around the world.