chapter  11
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IS Department Recovery Planning

WithJim Rowan, Sharon Rowan

The information systems (IS) department is formally referred to as the information systems department. The disaster site recovery team IS personnel stay at the call center location to take care of the recovery of the primary call center. Most call centers as was stated earlier have a very small IS department so generally the IS recovery team would be the same people who work in the IS department on a daily basis. One of the considerations that needs to be addressed by the IS department is how can it create checklists for its part of the disaster recovery (DR) plan. If it is impossible to create a checklist for any particular item, then the IS department will need to decide how badly that portion of the DR plan is required. Each DR team will have objectives to accomplish, outlined in their checklists, when any portion of the disaster recovery plan is initiated for any reason, be it a test or a disaster.